Commercial Construction Pre-Build Process

The pre-build process is one of the most important parts of any project. Find out what Anthropoid Construction Service can do for clients prior to beginning the building process.

What does the pre-build process mean?

The pre-build phase of a project refers to the stage of the project before the parties break ground on construction work. This planning includes high-end technical drawings that design the construction project step by step and understanding the project’s budget to a greater extent. Pre-build work is primarily the responsibility of a contractor and is there so that a client understands what the project entails and the final costs of completing the work.

Why is the pre-build process important?

There are several benefits to completing a pre-build process in your construction project. The first of these is that you gain a comprehensive understanding of what the project looks like. At this stage, clients can make minor adjustments to the project, making their property look just as they like throughout the project. Clients can make edits and recommendations, adjusting the project to suit their needs and brief.

This process also means that a client can get a better idea of what exactly the project looks like financially. This includes having a more general budget before tailoring the budget to the project’s specifics later in the process. Finance is the lifeblood of any ongoing project, so understanding project finances from the earliest stage means that you can plan your spending in advance.

The pre-build process

There are several clear stages in the pre-build process, each of which provides slightly different insight to the client and provides a comprehensive level of control over the project. See each of the steps in the pre-build process of commercial turnkey build-out planning and what they mean for the success of a project.

The first step in the process is a no-obligation consultation. At this stage in the process, experts from the Anthropoid Construction Service team come out and let you know what tenant improvement planning services we can offer, how it relates to your plans for the property, and what our process is once you choose to break ground with us. The important part of this meeting is that you have no obligation to continue with our process. You are free to pull out of the project if you don’t agree with our plans, or recommend changes and go forward with our team.

After the initial consultation, our expert team takes a look at the rough estimates of costs. This accounts for all of the materials that the owner’s contractor uses, the approximate schedule for the project, and a space plan for the project. The Anthropoid team returns this to the client to better understand whether these requirements are appropriate for the client’s needs keeping clients involved in the process throughout and informing clients of any and all changes and projections throughout the work.

This stage entails a comprehensive consultation between parties, as the team works to create a more detailed and professional plan for the project. This includes renderings for every nook and cranny of the property, with thorough technical modeling ensuring that the property reaches all of the necessary health and safety regulations for the local jurisdiction or federal law. The client also has a significant level of input at this stage, supporting the Anthropoid team in adjusting the design to the client’s personal preferences. At the end of this stage, the client has a design that they are happy with and the build-out team has comprehensive documents ready for when the project starts.

With more thorough designs and planning in place, a more forensic budgeting process takes place. This includes accounting for every necessary hour and work, even visiting the building for a better understanding of how the building affects the costs. This more forensic stage of the budget increases the accuracy of the earlier budgeting stage, providing clients with an up-to-date understanding of the overall project expenditure and some of the factors that can affect it.

At this stage of the project, the client negotiates with the team and reaches final approval. Thanks to the level of consultation and communication between the parties throughout, this is a simple process as the client already understands what the costs are and what the project involves. Call the Anthropoid Construction Service today to see what we can do for your built-out process, improving your property and consulting you every step of the way.