On Going Services

Commercial Construction Ongoing Support and Additional Services

At Anthropoid Construction, we pride ourselves on being a full-service commercial construction company. This means we meet all client commercial building needs from start to finish. Part of our service cluster includes pre-construction services such as logistics planning, land acquisition assistance, and cost estimation. We also sketch building plans, implement the final build-out, and also offer ongoing support services once the building is operational.

By managing all phases of a construction project in-house we’re able to help our clients eliminate the inefficiencies of dealing with multiple companies. As a result, there’s more accurate scheduling, greater cost savings, and reduced stress for the building owner.

We’ve expounded on some of these services below to give you greater insight into what you’ll get when you work with us.

We are also licensed commercial real estate brokers.

Our primary goal is to ensure client satisfaction and establish long-term relationships with all the building owners we work with.

Building maintenance

We perform routine building inspections and maintenance activities to restore the functionality of commercial properties. This may include inspection of utility systems such as Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems, plumbing, repainting, undertaking urgent repairs of life safety equipment such as smoke detectors, and more.

Building maintenance is crucial to ensure the building’s utility consumption remains low throughout its lifetime. This also minimizes operating expenses. In addition, it also helps you avoid potential liability by minimizing the occurrence of accidents.


Future remodels

We help clients renovate their commercial properties by creating blueprints for future remodels and implementing the final build-out.

Creating a new layout for an already existing structure can at times be quite complex especially if you try to work with a different construction company. But as our team put together the initial plans and knows all the intricacies of the building we know the most appropriate steps to take to bring your new vision to life. By working with us you end up spending less and the project is completed much faster.

In addition, we provide ongoing support for building owners.

Put-back services

Repairing or putting back your commercial space after a tenant vacates can be a delicate process. If at all possible having this in mind during the initial build-out is best. But this isn’t always the case. Before we start any put-back service we perform various pre-construction services that help you determine your projects’ budget, scope, timeline, and everything in between. We help you know what to expect before commencing construction to ensure your commercial put-back construction project will be successful.

Contact us to learn more about more of our put-back services.


Cash flow analysis

Since building some structures can span several months or years we provide a cash flow analysis which includes a comprehensive cost of materials, labor, and proposed payment schedules throughout the project’s life cycle. The analysis helps you plan and allocate sufficient funds before commencing construction to ensure the project runs seamlessly.


Complex décor installation

Our building contractors have experience designing and installing complex décor to enhance the interior design of your building. From glass sculptures to coral shelves and porcelain toilets, to name a few, our experts will deliver a stellar job. We’ll ensure the execution is flawless and the job is finished on time and within the allocated budget.

Since we are also a licensed and insured real estate business your décor is protected in case of any mishaps. In addition, you can consult our team should you need any help determining the most optimal location for the installations.


Post-tenant inspection and estimating

Our team of licensed commercial real estate brokers is available to inspect your property to determine if there are any damages beyond the normal expected wear and tear and if the damages exceed the amount of the tenant’s security deposit. Due to our extensive experience, we’re able to provide accurate estimations for the total damages and report our findings professionally to the parties involved.

We encourage timely post-tenant inspections, preferably on the day the tenant is moving out, as this prevents delays and helps avoid disputes.


Pre-purchase estimation

Looking to purchase land or any other property for your construction? Get in touch with our licensed commercial real estate brokers today. We can help you determine the accurate market value of the property before making any financial commitments. This will help you save money.

We provide this information via a pre-purchase estimation report where we consider factors such as the location, price of surrounding properties, the property’s condition, and more. Our report helps you make the right decision so you can make the best investment decision.

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