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Building and Construction

Commercial real estate is one of the most lucrative businesses in Salem, solving the housing problems of businesses and local residents.

However, many commercial real estate owners face some challenges that include finding a reliable and trustworthy contractor, wasting resources on unnecessary build-outs, and changing orders that can be completely offsetting, to mention but a few. With these challenges, planning and executing a build-out to finish in a satisfactory and budget-friendly manner is a nightmare for most building owners.

Realizing that the bulk of a successful and satisfactory build-out is more dependent on the contractor than the building owner and in a bid to tackle these commercial real estate challenges in Salem and offer the best solutions for building owners, Anthropoid is committed to providing top-notch building contracting services in Salem and its surrounds.

With Anthropoid, building owners are provided with a clear-cut strategy for build-out execution and a detailed budget. That way, you will avoid being ripped off and paying more to cover unnecessary contractor overhead costs.

Anthropoid Services

Commercial turnkey build-out involves designing, developing, and equipping a build-out with facilities as specified in the contract. In detail, this service would require design, fabrication, installation, aftermarket support and technical service for the turnkey build-out.
Our services include:

  •  Tenant improvement build-out, which involves structural modifications of leased spaces to suit a new tenant’s preferences.
  • Reliable building contracting services for commercial building owners, specializing in maximizing returns.

With a focus on customer satisfaction, Anthropoid strives to provide real-time feedback and status reports on ongoing projects to clients to keep them in the loop of events. Also doubling as a real estate broker, Anthropoid boasts a wide network of valuable clientele that commercial real estate owners could capitalize upon in getting tenants for their properties.

To provide you with a framework for Anthropoid’s build-out processes, below are the several separate components or stages that add up to the final build-out.

Primarily aimed at aligning our services with the requirements of each unique project, we encourage a no-obligation visit with the client before each project. Also, as an avenue to build the basis of a successful potential partnership, this initial visit helps us to understand the separate aspects of the project and the motivation behind them.

Our team of construction and design experts utilize client ideas and project goals in fulfilling the aim of this visit. Clients are also encouraged to ask questions or raise concerns where necessary regarding the project.


Usually, as a complimentary service following the initial visit, we offer a preliminary budget estimate for the project alongside a space plan without any obligation to the client. Based on the client’s feedback on these, we have clearer insights into the client’s scheduling requirements and budget range.

With evidence of our expertise and experience already laid out, our clients are then presented with a nominal design fee dependent on the project scope and requirements. With the presentation and approval of the nominal fee, the client has unrestricted access to a design team member who would function in an advisory capacity.

In this stage, the client oversees a detailed design plan drawn and rendered to suit their preferences. This stage also focuses on strictly following safety and legal regulations for the build-out.

In this stage, we explore the market costs and specific details of construction materials, furniture, and labor, as well as miscellaneous costs from delays and shortages. This stage is usually performed with reliable subcontractors and/or vendor partners who competitively bid to arrive at the lowest possible costs for clients.

Based on market research and forensic costing, clients may decide to make necessary changes to the original plan. Where no changes are necessary, final approval is granted, and the project is set for commencement.

When it is time for project execution, Anthropoid enforces unique strategies to ensure that the project is carried out efficiently and according to plan. By dividing up the entire build-out project into several aspects, Anthropoid assigns speciality units to the various levels of operation that collectively work towards the common build-out goal. Also, by using management and project operations teams that supervise each step of the build-out, Anthropoid enforces continuous on-site supervision as a medium for efficiency in delivery.

With this strategy, when challenges arise during any phase of the build-out, project operations and management teams work together to generate rapid solutions to tackle these emerging problems. There is also a free flow of communication across all levels of operations that enhance efficiency.

The management and project operations teams are also responsible for enforcing the build-out plan and making sure the entire project goes according to plan. This responsibility involves:

  • Ensuring transparency of the project plan, especially for operating units.
  •  Highlighting milestones for the build-out, making it easy to track progress.
  • Overseeing and managing the logistics of every stage of construction.
  • Assembling and transporting all closeout materials, furniture, and design components.

With these measures in place, Anthropoid guarantees clients a positive customer experience and a satisfactory finalized project that exceeds our expectations.

With the satisfactory project framework Anthropoid adopts and many satisfied clients, we have delivered hundreds projects. Our real-time progress updates put us in even better standing with our clients, who are confident in us because of our expertise and experience. Contact Anthropoid right away. Call us at 971-707-4590 for the most reliable building contracting service in Salem.